Natural Balance: MSM 1000mg 240 caps

MSM 1000mg - 240 caps

by   Natural Balance
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PureMSM™ The Natural Solution! ALL MSM BRANDS ARE NOT
EQUAL! PureMSM™ is 99.9% pure and provides benefits other
brands don’t! The Only Clinically Proven MSM! Contains No
Fossil Fuel Additives Or Heavy Metals Like Other Brands! Made
From Ultra-Pure Food Grade MSM! All-Natural Pine Tree Source –
No Synthetics! Why Is PureMSM™ Better? Most forms of MSM,
including those imported from China, are synthetic and are
derived from a fossil fuel source. On the other hand, TriMedica®
PureMSM™ is an all-natural source of MSM derived only from pine
trees. PureMSM™ contains no addition or dilution with fossil
fuel derived material. So, don’t be fooled by cheap MSM
brands that seem like a good buy, but in reality may contain
fossil fuel additives or heavy metals (including lead!). With
TriMedica® PureMSM™, you get the purity guarantee of 99.9% ultra
pure, all-natural, food grade MSM that gives you all the
fabulous health benefits of MSM without the additives or heavy
metals! So Many TriMedica® PureMSMTM Products To Choose From:
TriMedica® PureMSM™ with Vitamin B-Complex: Excellent for
boosting immune strength and increasing energy. TriMedica®
PureMSM™ Capsules: Convenient and easy to swallow capsules.
TriMedica® PureMSM™ Capsules with Glucosamine: The ultimate
source for bone, muscle and joint health. Contains glucosamine
for added support. TriMedica® PureMSM™ Capsules with Vitamin
C: Provides all of the benefits of MSM plus immune system
support. TriMedica® PureMSM™ Lotion: Great, soothing lotion
for beautiful skin! TriMedica® PureMSM™ Cream: Great for dry
skin. TriMedica® PureMSM™ Shampoo and Conditioner: Amazing
natural formulas that leave hair softer, fuller and shinier than
ever! TriMedica® PureMSM™ Liquid: Use in the nose, ears or
orally. TriMedica® PureMSM™ Lip Balm: Use everyday for
protection against dryness, chapping and sunburn. TriMedica®
PureMSM™ Toothpaste: Pleasant tasting and effective.
TriMedica® PureMSM™ Powder: A wonderful alternative to capsules,
completely bioavailable, mixes easily with your favorite
beverage. Please Select a Product 5-HTP AlkaMAX All Complete
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'MSM is a form of sulfur that is naturally found in our bodies. It is required for synthesizing insulin, metabolizing certain vitamins, and the growth of healthy hair, muscles and bones. As a supplement it is useful in a variety of ways. After strenuous exercise, MSM mitigates muscle pain by normalizing pressure in muscle cells and removing toxins created by the exercise. A study by the Oregon Health Sciences University showed that mice given MSM showed no deterioration of articular cartilage, while mice which did not receive MSM supplements had cartilage degeneration. This is important news for those who suffer from osteoarthritis , rheumatoid arthritis, and muscle pain or muscle soreness, all of which respond well to oral MSM supplementation.
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