AMAZON THERAPEUTIC LABORATORIES: Iporuru (Reflex™) Certified Organic 1 fl oz

Iporuru (Reflex™) Certified Organic - 1 fl oz

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Ipor X AMAZON (Tm) Contains: Wild Amazon Alchornea
(Iporuro) castaneifolia and 40% grain alcohol. Suggested
Directions for Use: In a little water mix 20-30 drops 2-3 times
per day, or as recommended by your health care
professional. Recommended for: muscular relaxation,
flexibility and symptoms of Osteoarthritis Ethnobotanical
history: Long revered in the upper Amazon Rainforest of Peru
as a component for treating rheumatism, osteoarthritis and sore
muscles. Amerindians use it to increase flexibility and to help
relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis , rheumatism, muscle pains
and colds. Today, in Europe, IporX:s ™ anti-inflammatory and
analgesic pain relieving agents have made it popular with
athletes to the elderly suffering from arthritis and joint
problems.. European health researchers study IporX™ for support
of muscle and joint structure.

Iporuru - (root) - Alchornea castaneifolia (Euphorbiaceae) A
shrubby tree found in the floodplains of the Amazon, it spends
the rainy season under water. Tinctures of bark and leaf are
used for rheumatis arthritis, colds and muscle pain. The plant
is also useful for treating coughs and diarrhea. It is also
popular in Peru as an aphrodisiac and to treat male impotence.
The famous aphrodisiac “Rompe Calzon” contains Iporuru leaf. The
root and bark are used to treat rheumatism.

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