AMAZON THERAPEUTIC LABORATORIES: Sangre de Grado (Dragon's Blood) Wild Crafted 1 fl oz

Sangre de Grado (Dragon's Blood) Wild Crafted - 1 fl oz

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Welcome to the heart of the jungle. We offer more than 120
medicinal herbs, high quality extracts, capsules and 60
traditional compound formulations. We are dedicated to serving
you by offering herbs and products which have been derived from
organically certified farms or wildcrafted under our
“Sustainable Harvest” label by using forestry management
permits. Each item has been validated through empirical studies
and supported by research in clinics and universities around the
world. For all product information, please visit our Herb
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available here. Whether as a bulk tea, a liquid tincture or
an encapsulated herb, our line of traditional Amazon
Bio-therapeutic formulations are presented in a convenient to
utilize form and can be administered in precise dosages. Our
finished teas and blends are presented according to principles
established by hundreds of years of popular use in their
countries of origins. Extracts are made according to the USP and
German Pharmacopoeia, capsules are made from only the freshest
materials and formulated according to demands of practitioners
and popular OTC use in the USA.

Sangre de Grado - (resin) - Croton lechieri (Euphorbiaceae) - A
dark, red latex collected mainly from trees on the eastern slope
of the tropical Andes, “Sangre de Drago” is believed effective
as a vulnerary (wound healer), anti-inflammatory, and
anti-cancer agent. The latex also appears to have strong
anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Sangre
do Drago is a storehouse of phytochemicals and abundant research
has verified its effectiveness as a powerful remedy.

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