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Blending Eastern & Western Traditions, Naturally. Hot or Iced. Low in Caffeine. Green tea is a rich source of plant antioxidants. Studies have suggested that daily consumption of green tea may reduce the risk of certain types of cancer including stomach and throat. Green tea contains Vitamin C - the average amount in two small cups of brewed tea is nearly equal to that in a cup of orange juice. Green tea also has antibacterial properties which was discovered by the ancient Chinese who used it to purify their drinking water.
Our Decaffeinated Green Tea is another delicious addition to our family of teas, for those who are sensitive to over-stimulation from caffeine.

Decaffeinated green tea leaves.
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Suggested Use:
To brew a perfect cup of green tea, place one tea bag into your favorite cup. White is ideal so you may better appreciate the rich golden hue. Pour one cup of fresh boiling water over the bag. Steep 4 to 6 minutes and remove the bag. Breathe deeply and enjoy the delicate, stimulating aroma.
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