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Natural Calm from Peter Gillham's Natural Vitality What
makes Natural Calm so special over other forms of magnesium
supplements is that it is water soluble and assimilates
instantly and thoroughly, and works even in cases of highly
impaired digestion. Doctors and clinics: Natural Calm is
used by over 1,000 doctors and health clinics nationwide with
great success. If a person is experiencing the symptoms
of magnesium deficiency such as sleep disorders, body tension,
fatigue, muscle spasms or stiffness, heart disorders, PMS,
depression, dispersal, diabetes, osteoporosis, asthma,
nervousness, constipation (see complete list in the booklet "The
Miracle Nutrient"), Natural Calm is the formula to use. The rule
is: whenever a person manifests any number of major symptoms,
Natural Calm is always the first product to start with. Most of
these symptoms are magnesium deficiency and Natural Calm will
correct the deficiency faster and more effectively than any
other formula available today. Note: to ensure the most
effective results, the person should avoid calcium supplements,
as calcium will slow down the results. On the rare
occasion where a person experiences a worsening of symptoms upon
taking Natural Calm, it is a sign that the person is okay on
magnesium (rare) and is in need of calcium. The appropriate
formula in such a case is Cal Mag Plus and in some cases CalMag
(higher calcium than Cal Mag Plus). Ingredients: Water
Soluble Magnesium Citrate, and nothing else (205mg of elemental
magnesium per teaspoon). Manufacturered using a proprietary
process exclusive to Natural Vitality. Contains NO yeast, dairy,
egg, gluten, soy, wheat, sugar, starch, preservatives,
artificial colors or flavoring. Each tablespoon contains
magnesium 615mg How to Use Natural Calm? Preparation:
As you can read from the label, Natural Calm is made as a tea by
placing the powder in hot water to dissolve. Cold water can be
added at will for instant drinking. How much Natural
Calm? It is important to understand that individual needs
will vary. Some individuals will need more Natural Calm than
others. We recommend that you start with 1 teaspoon daily, and
increase your dose up to the point of loose stools. This will be
the dose you will need to maintain for regular use. The
final amount taken could range anywhere from a 1/4 teaspoon to
3-4 teaspoons. This could be taken all at once or split to 2-3
smaller dosages throughout the day. Diarrhea: If you get
diarrhea, it is a sign that you used too high a dose, and you
need to cut it back to the point where the diarrhea does not
reappear. What about kids? the same applies as before.
Start with a small amount and increase. We recommend starting
with 1/4 a teaspoon and increasing, depending on the kids
physical size. If they are 10 years old they can often handle up
1/2 - 1 teaspoon. High stress and low magnesium = big
trouble. Magnesium is a powerful anti-stress mineral and its
deficiency is associated with most irritability or stress cases.
Use in those stressful times and high tension periods or use
regularly to reduce them. Natural Calm is a breakthrough in
magnesium supplements and delivers the highest assimilation
possible. Magnesium is perhaps the most vital mineral of the
body and when there is a deficiency the body will not function
properly in many ways.

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