DR PRICE'S VITAMINS: Cal-Mag Vites Strawberry-Lemon 30 ct

Cal-Mag Vites Strawberry-Lemon - 30 ct

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This is a unique blend of three different calcium sources with three different magnesium sources. The body requires various sources of these minerals each day for normal function. Dr. Price formulated this proprietary blend to take care of all your calcium and magnesium needs. Like all of Dr. Price's vitamins, the Cal-Mag Vites are a highly absorbable water-soluble powder.

Health Benefits:

Aside from maintaining strong bones and teeth, calcium is required for muscle contraction, nerve conduction, the beating of the heart, blood coagulation, glandular secretion, energy production and immune function. 1 to 2% of an adult's body weight is calcium, but the body loses calcium every day. The replenishment of calcium lost is critical, because the body takes calcium from the bones when it does not have enough to support other body functions: this could lead to osteoporosis.

While calcium is best known for its role in your bones, it can aid in many other areas as well: weight loss, lower blood pressure, healthy teeth, and decreased risk of certain cancers. Calcium citrate may boost the effects and potency of drugs used to treat osteoporosis. Calcium citrate can also help you maintain a healthy metabolism. Keeping up with your calcium requirement can help avoid breaks and strains on your bones. Don't wait until you are having problems to consider managing your calcium intake - think about your bone health from an early age.

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