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Aged Garlic Extract™ [220 mg]; Premium Mushroom Complex
[75 mg]; Ester C® [ 52.5 mg]; AstragalusMembranaceous [50
mg]; Oregano Extract [50 mg]; Olive Leaf Extract [50
mg] (per capsule). Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for
humans and must be consumed daily.1 Vitamin C, a known
antioxidant,2 is essential for proper immune cell
function.3 Ester C is a patented form of vitamin C which
has demonstrated superior absorption over other forms of
vitamin C.4 It has been shown to enter the bloodstream
twice as fast and remain in the body twice as long as
ascorbic acid4 and is excreted from the body at a slower
rate.5 Ester C also has been shown to increase tissue
concentrations of vitamin C more significantly than other
sources.5 Astragalus is a potent immune enhancing herb that
has been used as a tonic in China for centuries. Studies
suggest it may provide nutritional support for healthy
immune function.6-11 Oregano shown inhibition of
several pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Olive leaf,
standardized to18% of the active compound oleuropin,
exhibits antimicrobial and antiviral activity. As part
of a healthy diet, the select combination of premium
mushrooms has shown immune enhancement via activation of
various immune cells. Supplement Facts Scientific References
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Products Consumer Price List Kyolic Formula 103
SUGGESTED USE: Take two capsules with a meal twice daily.
Supplement Facts Serving Size 2 capsules Product
Codes: 103-41: 100 capsules 103-42: 200 capsules
Amount per serving %Daily Value Vitamin C (Ester
C®) 105mg 350% Aged Garlic Extract™†† Powder (bulb) 440mg
** Premium Mushroom Complex Shitake, Maitake, Poria
Cocos, Reishi and Agaricus 150mg ** Astragalus Extract
Powder (root) 100mg ** Oregano extract (leaf) 100mg **
Olive Leaf extract (oleuropin 18%) 80mg ** ††Special
Garlic Preparation **Daily Value not established OTHER
INGREDIENTS: Gelatin and Magnesium Stearate (vegetable
source). Yeast, Sodium, Gluten, Soy, Preservatives, Sugar and
Dairy Free.

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