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# WD0020

World OrganicLiquid Mineral Energy is a unique, fully soluble,
liquid mineral supplement made from the soils of an ancient
seabed. World Organic then dissolves these precious nutrients
into crystal clear, fresh water. This scientifically formulated
liquid uses a special process which enhances orthomolecular
absorption. We have developed this delicious taste without any
sugars. We use only sorbitol and natural fruit flavors. This
product is sold as nutritional supplement only. Direction:
Adults take 1 oz. daily or as directed by your health care
professional. Children one teaspoon daily for every 20 pounds of
body weight, not to exceed one ounce. Mix or follow with an 8
oz. glass of water. Ingredients: Purified Water, Sorbitol,
Magnesium Complex (citrate, gluconate, sulfate), Polycolloid
Minerals (calcium sulfate, diatomaceous earth), Citric Acid,
Calcium Complex (citrate, levulinate), Natural Flavor, Zinc
Complex (gluconate, citrate), Sodium Benzoate (as a
preservative), Caramel Color, Manganese Complex (citrate,
sulfate), Potassium Complex (gluconate, citrate, chloride),
Sodium Metasilicate, Cyanocobalamin, Chromium Complex
(picolinate, chloride), Biotin, Selenium Complex
(selenomethionine, sodium selenite).

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