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# WD0027

Product Description: No Shot B-12: Sublingual Vitamin B-12
1000mcg. Under the Tongue. Instant Absorption. Less than 1/2
calorie per tablet. No-Shot B-12 helps in the formation &
regeneration of red blood cells. Necessary for carbohydrate, fat
& protein metabolism. Helps maintain a healthy nervous system.
Promotes growth in children. Increases energy, needed for
calcium absorption. Regardless of the amount of B-12 ingested,
approximately 1.5% is only absorbed. At an Absorption rate of
1.5%: for every $1.00's worth of B-12 you ingest in tablet form,
your body absorbs less than 2 cents worth. Up to 50 times more
usable B-12 than ordinary tables or capsules. World Organic No
Shot B-12 is a sublingual tablet delivering Vitamin B12
(cobalamin), which plays a role in blood formation, nervous
system function, digestion, assimilation, protein synthesis, fat
and carbohydrate metabolism, and may be beneficial for anemia,
moodiness, memory loss, coordination, depression, psychosis,
cancer prevention and fertility. Suggested Use: Dissolve one
tablet under the tongue daily or as directed by a
physician. Ingredients: Vitamin B12 Crystals, Lactose

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