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# YO0022

Calming Daily Stress Relief Calming tea is a safe and
time-tested Ayurvedic formula designed to ease stress and
tension, encouraging a state of relaxed alertness without
drowsiness. This healing formula contains Organic Chamomile
(Matricaria recutita), an herbal nervine that supports, soothes
and rejuvenates the nerves. Known for its mild, apple-like
flavor, Chamomile has been used as a calming agent for centuries
and is widely regarded for the way in which it helps compose the
mind and cool the body. Organic Lemon Grass is also included in
this formula, as it is a popular antispasmodic and mild
anti-irritant. Our blend is complemented with Bacopa Leaf (Gotu
Kola), a healing nerve tonic that helps promote blood flow,
supports the nervous system and has been shown to boost the
memory. A favorite nervine of Western herbalism, this leaf is
also known as a cardiotonic that scientific studies have shown
to be particularly effective in boosting cognitive functions and
calming over-active children. We have also included Organic
Hibiscus Flower, which helps cool the body, and Organic Fennel
Seed, which aids in calming the muscles, improving digestion and
calming flatulence and stomach troubles.* Calming tea will help
you stay calm throughout the day and is also great for children.

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