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Date: May 10, 2005 09:36 AM
Subject: New Hyrdogen Boost ! The Fuel of Life!

Hydrogen Boost

Most people dont think of hydrogen as a nutrient, but, in fact, this fundamental element has profound role in maintaning human health. Hydrogen is the essential factor in the electrochemical process that producs ATP, the engery molecule. Virtually all the millions of biochemical processes that occur every second of our lives are powered by ATP.

Source Naturals HYDROGEN BOOST a break through natural mineral nutritional supplement, is a source of negatively charged hydrogen ions bound to silica. Developed by Dr. Patrick flanagan, HYDROGEN BOOST may be the worlds most potent antioxidant. It harnesses the power of active hydrogen to neutralize free radicals, boost energy, and improve cellular hydration.

Source Naturals, the science company, is pleased to offer HYDROGEN BOOST. The development of this product reflects Source Natural's commitment to providing the most advanced nutritional supplement available today.

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