Saw Palmetto and the Prostate

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Date: September 10, 2010 04:29 PM
Subject: Saw Palmetto For Prostate Function

What Are Saw Palmetto Berries Good For?

saw palmetto plant pictureThere is plenty of evidence supporting the use of saw palmetto in the treatment of BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia), commonly referred to as an enlarged prostate. This is a common condition in men older than 50 and even younger, and a large number of studies have been carried out on its treatment. Saw palmetto has figured in many of these with a good degree of success.

Although it is widely used in Europe for treating BPH, saw palmetto berry is not sold in the USA for that purpose since the FDA does not permit anything but prescription medicaments to be prostate picture enlargedrecommended for the condition. Nevertheless, it is available over the counter as a herbal remedy for male pattern hair loss and other conditions, and is widely used by men suffering prostate problems or trying to avoid them.

Where Can I Buy Saw Palmetto Berries?

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