Reduce Your Blood Pressure with Nattokinase

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Date: May 23, 2011 03:00 PM
Subject: Reduce Your Blood Pressure with Nattokinase

Soy beans are the source of many nutritious and healthy derivatives, and nattokinase is one of them. When soy beans are boiled and allowed to cool, and then a specific bacterium known as Bacillus natto is added, the soy beans are fermented to form a food that is known as natto. An enzyme is extracted from this and purified, and then given the name nattokinase. This enzyme has been extensively studied, and many have shown that it is effective in reducing blood pressure.

In one double blind placebo controlled trial, 86 subjects aged from 20 to 80 years were given either a placebo or nattokinase for 8 weeks. After that period it was found that all subjects that completed the test (73) had significantly reduced blood pressure - both systolic and diastolic. This study was reported in the journal Hypertension Research in 2008 (Vol 31), and several other studies have had similar results.

It therefore appears that if you have to reduce your blood pressure, but are reluctant to use hypertension drugs to do so, then nattokinase is worth trying because extensive testing has supported anecdotal claims for its effect. However, let your doctor know, particularly if you are already on blood thinning drugs.

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