Where Are Natural Forms Of Calcium Found?

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Date: September 12, 2011 02:19 PM
Subject: Where Are Natural Forms Of Calcium Found?


Calcium is responsible for taking care of the foundation of our body. You know how in large skyscrapers, structure integrity and strength is very essential and literally needed, well that is how our bones are for us. They literally hold us upright so now imagine having weak bones or suffering from some form of bone disorder like osteoarthritis, it would cause us a considerable amount of pain and discomfort and it will change our way of life. That is why calcium is essential to us because it is one of the primary minerals in maintaining bone health and allowing them to grow strong and away from diseases.

Calcium and its many forms

Calcium is a natural substance which is found in animals and plants. The plants are able to absorb the calcium from the soil that they are cultivated in and it uses calcium for various purposes such as transporting water and a whole lot of other functions. In animals and humans though, we ourselves possess calcium unlike plants that get it form an external source, with that said though we do not produce enough of it for us not to need any boost from external sources as well. It is naturally found in our teeth and bones however we still do get a lot of our calcium stores and supply that we use for daily bodily activities from the food we eat and when consumed it basically goes through our bloodstream for distribution.

Natural Sources

Limestone is considered to be one of the best sources of natural calcium. Among all the variety in the world it is the most widely used since it is the type that is used for supplement production and soil fertilizer. Limestone itself, simply put is calcium carbonate and due to this fact calcium carbonate used for different purposes is derived from limestone and this is also why it is a good source of chalk like, good quality calcium tablets.

The second most popular source of calcium in the world is the one derived from milk. A lot of us may even argue that it is the most popular since when we talk about calcium first thing that comes into mind on how to boost its levels in the body is to drink milk. Well that is just the product of good marketing by different milk manufacturers however it is not too far fetch as indeed milk comes to a close second to limestone. In the animal world, milk is abundant in natural calcium and 1 cup could provide as much as 400mg. This is also why many dairy products in the market today are also considered to be good sources of calcium since they are made from milk too.

Other good natural sources are different kinds of vegetables. Broccoli, kale, spinach, mustard greens and cabbage are among the examples. We can also include beans and nuts in this list since they too are abundant in natural calcium. Consuming calcium in the vegetables we eat is next to impossible, that is why we need to be taking a calcium supplement to help offset our calcium needs. In general we need 1000mgs per day, make sure you are getting enough calcium daily!

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