Can Pregnanolone Be Used For Hormone Balance?

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Date: September 15, 2011 02:19 PM
Subject: Can Pregnenolone Be Used For Hormone Balance?


Hormones are very important to the human body. It is what basically stabilizes most of our bodily functions. The deterioration of our body’s functions and tissues can in some ways be attributed to declining hormone level production as we grow age. If you notice so much focus has been placed to hormone research when it comes to beauty enhancement products. This should tell you of its effects to our tissues and overall health. There are many kinds of hormones in the body, some are for females like estrogen and some are only for males like testosterone but this does not mean that they are not found on the other’s body. It simply is being produced at a much smaller number when it is found in its counterpart. However there is one hormone that is above all the rest because it is known to be the mother of all hormones as one of its well-known tags.


In the 1940’s a promising research was done about pregnenolone, it is considered to be the parent hormone for all important steroid hormones because they are derived from this hormone and it has been studied due mainly to its effects on better health, longevity and emotional well-being. Basically this hormone is mainly made from cholesterol in the body. We have to remember that not all cholesterols are bad. And this hormone is mainly considered to be a parent hormone because this is the hormone that basically can be synthesized into different types of hormones like steroids for men, estrogen for women and a number more. Studies also have shown that pregnenolone also has the ability to relief pain in arthritic patients.

Imagine a world with better and stronger arthritis treatment. So many that are suffering from this chronic disease will have a new effective way of having relief. It also has been known that it can aid in PMS and menopausal symptoms which makes it an integral part of balancing the hormones in the body. Any substance that will be able to provide relief for menopause is somewhat of a balancer of the hormone levels in the body. Additional benefits as well have been found in terms of it also having the capability of combating stress and fatigue and it is able to make you feel stronger a little bit longer. Other studies also have found that it can even help with memory loss and alleviating mood issues.

Pregnenolone is All Natural

Menopause is one of the ordeals that no woman in this world would like to go through. However it is inevitable for all women. So one way that pregnenolone can help is that it is a natural source of estrogen and unlike synthetic estrogen used in hormone replacement treatments it does not have the same side effects. That is just an example of what it can do but basically it can do the same for any type of hormone need in the body because once again it is a hormone that could be converted to any steroid hormone and all we need is to improve its levels and the body will do the rest. It will simply convert pregnenolone to whatever type of hormone our body needs the most.

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