Can DL-Phenylalanine Be Used For Depression?

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Date: September 23, 2011 12:57 PM
Subject: Can DL-Phenylalanine Be Used For Depression?

Phenylalanine is considered to be an alpha amino acid. It also is an essential amino acid and has been found both to be naturally occurring which is called L-phenylalanine and artificially synthesized which is called D-phenylalanine. These two different forms have a variety of medical applications when combined which gives us DL-phenylalanine and with this it becomes a precursor to numerous substances needed by the body to function well like tyrosine which is a non essential amino acid which means the body is producing it and in that situation precursor substances are needed.

Aside from its important precursor roles it also has been found to have strong analgesic effects which allows it to be helpful in treatments for chronic pain most of the time caused by conditions like arthritis. Many researches also have proven that the lack of DL-phenylalanine in the body has been linked to many symptoms like lethargy and memory problems. The bright side of these conditions though is that as soon as DL-phenylalanine levels are back to normal due to supplementation these symptoms are alleviated right away.

It also has shown promise in the areas of Parkinson’s disease treatments. Other studies have shown that DL-phenylalanine also has anti depressant properties and have been used in depression reduction treatments due to its ability to aid in neurotransmitters production.


Depression according to different studies is a whole-body illness because it involves body, mood, and thoughts. It affects almost every facet of your life from the way you eat and sleep to your outlook about you over all wellbeing. We, as many researches confirmed need to be more understanding in a sense that depressive disorder is not and will never be the same as just a blue mood or just having a bad day. For those who do not suffer from it may feel that it is simply a weakness but it is not and sufferers could not overcome it like non sufferers overcome there every day problems.

Without proper treatment, symptoms of depression can last weeks, months, or even years in more severe cases. On the other hand however, appropriate treatment will tremendously help anyone who is suffering from this disorder. Now the important thing to take note is that the symptoms of depression will be different from one individual to the other considering that we are unique from one another. Depression changes feelings, thinking and behavior which in turn will lead to physical well being changes as well and these things are unique to an individual which is why symptoms have a wide variety.

How does it work?

Aside from the analgesic effect of DL-phenylalanine it also is an important factor to many types of depression treatments. The logic behind this is as mentioned above. Its ability to initiate tyrosine production in the body which is a precursor to dopamine and norepinephrine which are neurotransmitters which maintain healthy neuron function is the key. They are responsible in activating the feeling centers in our brain and numerous studies have shown that depression patients have lowered levels of these neurotransmitters which is why increased tyrosine production may help and in this process DL-phenylalanine also becomes essential.

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