Can Acidophilus Cause Weight Gain?

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Date: September 26, 2011 05:02 PM
Subject: Can Acidophilus Cause Weight Gain?

Acidophilus are good bacteria which can significantly help in maintaining and improving the health of the human digestive system. This classification of bacteria has many strains. The most popular is the lactobacillus acidophilus which are commonly found on fermented products such as yogurt, milk, dairy and cheese. Acidophilus rich products has a sour taste because of the lactic acid it contain. These products have an abundant concentration of lactic acid because acidophilus bacteria are able to convert sugar molecules into lactic acid. The other name for acidophilus bacteria is probiotic.

Primarily, acidophilus are employed as a digestive aid. It is required by the gastrointestinal tract when the body is under stress or antibiotic therapy. Stressful events and antibiotic therapy generally reduce the number of naturally residing friendly bacteria in the stomach. If the population of good bacteria is outnumbered by the quantity of bad bacteria, digestion of food and absorption of nutrients infection will be troubled. As a result, this can cause digestive discomforts or infections in worse cases. Aside from destroying harmful microorganisms inside the body, acidophilus bacteria also plays an important role in the digestion process because these good bacteria secrete several chemicals which serve as digestive enzymes.

As a result of its property of enhancing digestion, acidophilus bacteria have been found to play a significant role on weight loss programs. Though it has not been proven to solely induce weight loss, it can greatly help reduce weight together with exercise, diet modification and other weight loss agents.

Other theories on the acidophilus’ weight loss property stated that it can effectively help lose weight because it can lessen the occurrence of constipation. Acidophilus, specifically, Lactobacillus acidophilus has been proven to prevent constipation because of its ability to improve digestion. And as we know for a fact, some of the common reasons on gaining weight are the inability to pass stool regularly. This is because of the reason that once stool are remained inside the colon for a longer period of time than the usual, absorption of nutrients and water will be intensified. Therefore, when you eat, the amount of nutrients being absorbed becomes double, hence, weight is increased. Additionally, fats are also absorbed in the in intestine. Therefore, more fats will be absorbed if stool are remained longer in the intestines.

Studies are still ongoing on the recommended dosage of acidophilus bacteria so that it can influence weight loss. However, the suggested amount of this bacterium to help with digestion has been determined depending on the weight of the individual. Health experts suggest that a person may consume daily of acidophilus supplement containing at least five to ten billions of good bacteria so that benefits of acidophilus bacteria are maximized. This supplementation may be used in one month time so that it can completely improve digestion and give you a healthy and strong digestive system as well as helping with elimination and constipation issues. Improving bowel movements can help one lose weight

Aside from taking fermented products such as yogurt, kefir and the like, acidophilus can also be obtained in supplements in suspension or liquid forms. Acidophilus supplements must be stored in cold areas and not left at room temperature.

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