What Is Good To Eliminate Parasites Out Of The Body?

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Date: October 05, 2011 04:13 PM
Subject: What Is Good To Eliminate Parasites Out Of The Body?

Studies concluded a quite disturbing fact that 85-95% of adults have parasites in their body without even knowing it. Who knows, you are already a part of that concluded percentage. Parasites and parasitic infestations have long been a serious problem in the world yet ironically; only a number of people are taking the matter seriously. A common misconception is seems to be the problem here since parasitic infestation are most heard from Third World countries is where malnutrition and poor hygiene is a part of life.

Parasites have existed in our world long enough for mankind to know. These unwanted guests are found almost everywhere, from the soil, water and to the foods, even from our beloved pets. It really does not matter which world you came from because everybody is always at risk knowingly or unknowingly from these menace. It is so disturbing and scary to know that these parasites can lie as many as 200,000 of eggs in a day. On top of the highest risk of being infected are children.

This is due to the fact that they are less wary of hygiene and they are the most sociable individuals because parasites may also be transmitted from an infected person to another. Children are also susceptible from possible parasite-contaminated substances, specifically food. Already inside the body, parasites will sustain almost anywhere. They will cause great damage to organs. Draining all the nutrients from their host, which are found mostly in the intestines.

The best and surest way to get rid of these damaging creatures is by taking parasite-cleansing herbs before a meal. The parasites will be able to digest it fully since it will be the only food available for them at that moment. The reproductive cycle of most parasites will usually last for four weeks, so it is recommended to remain in the cleansing ritual during those crucial times. A parasite’s life cycle begin as an egg, grows into a larvae and then adulthood. You should put to mind that parasites reproduce during full moon. Start parasite cleansing a week earlier for better efficacy.

Of all the herbs available for use in vermifuge or expulsion of parasitic worms, Black walnut, Wormwood, Garlic, and Oregano are the most effective. Black walnut has elevated tannin contents, making it effective in killing parasites. Black walnut also kills ringworm and other external parasites when applied to the skin. Wormwood on the other hand, without doubt the most famous in the expulsion of parasitic worms. Many reference books continue to list wormwood as an effective vermifuge.

There is also Oregano, it is a digestive aid and is thought to help get rid of intestinal parasites. Last but not the least is the Garlic. Garlic itself can be of great help in parasite control. Garlic has long been known to kill parasites and control secondary fungal infections. It has detoxifying property and gently stimulates elimination; it also has antioxidant properties which is beneficial to the body under-attack by parasites.

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