Yohimbe Or Ginkgo, Which For Impotence?

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Date: October 13, 2011 03:34 PM
Subject: Yohimbe Or Ginkgo, Which For Impotence?

Yohimbe Vs Ginkgo Biloba

The most common and perhaps the most embarrassing sexual disorder among men is impotence. I am pretty confident that no men would really want to lose their urge for love making however if we will base on recent statistics, about 25 percent of men who are over 50 years old suffer from some form of impotence hence, have greatly altered their sexual routine. For this reason, many experts are now engaging themselves in thorough and extensive research to find ways and means to somehow address the condition.

It is already proven by medical science that as men ages, the testosterone level of the body also decreases hence; there is a great need to employ measures that could prevent problems from getting worse. At present, Gingko biloba and Yohimber are the leading herbs that are being studied because of the relevant effects the herbs could contribute to the human body.

Ginkgo Biloba

First let us tackle Gingko biloba; aside from the fact this herb is an effectual memory enhancer, Ginko biloba also acts as a remedy or treatment for impotence because of its properties that has the capacity to enhance oxygen supply towards the male genitalia therefore, could help achieve better erection. When penile arterial blood flow is at its optimum function, sexual performance would be significantly improved. Studies have also shown that men who are regularly taking Gingko biloba supplements have better sexual performance than those who are not taking the supplemental herb. At present, Gingko biloba is already marketed all over the world and many are now patronizing it because of the promising health benefits it offers.


Another herb that could help you cure sexual disorder most especially impotence is the Yohimbe. Based on some reliable sources, the herb is a very effectual and potent sensual stimulant that could enhance libido. The herb Yohimbe has been proven to be an effective regimen in correcting organic and psychogenic forms of impotence. Yohimbe is said to be abundant with aphrodisiac properties that dilates blood vessels therefore facilitates better blood flow towards the male genital hence, increases reflex excitability in the lower portion of the spine.

It was also discovered through one of the studies that were conducted that Yohimbe is effective in making erections harder and firmer by increasing the blood circulation in the penis. It also improves the quality of erection by preventing the blood from flowing out of the organ. With these innate actions of the Yohimbe, many men would surely want to consider the herb to gain back their lost confidence due to impotency.

It is still good if we consult our physician first before using anything that will have various effects in our body. Even though there are many health advantages that we can get from taking Yohimbe and Gingko biloba supplements, a doctor’s advice is still highly needed so that you will be guided if what supplement you will use according to your health and body’s needs.

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