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Subject: Rehmannia Endurance™ / Revitalizer - Herbal Tonifiers for Energy Enhancement

  • Superior Herbs of Chinese Herbalism
  • Rehmannia: Premier Herbal Tonifier Of China
  • REHMANNIA ENDURANCE: For Type-A Personalities
  • REHMANNIA REVITALIZER: For Type-B Personalities
  • While many in the West are familiar with the legendary Chinese energy tonifier, ginseng, few know about the equally valued tonifier, rehmannia. Rehmannia forms the basis for numerous classic formulas used to foster energetic well-being. Planetary Formulas offers you two rehmannia formulas, suitable for specific constitutional differences and personalities. REHMANNIA ENDURANCE provides energy enhancement for those on the go. REHMANNIA REVITALIZER is for people who lack get up and go, and who are prone to feeling cold. Some people will alternate between these formulas, depending on the climate, time of year, or how they feel on any given day.

    Superior Herbs of Chinese Herbalism

    “The superior herbs are rulers ... they control the maintenance of life and correspond to heaven. They do not have a markedly medicinal effectiveness. The taking in large amounts or over a long period of time is not harmful to man. If one wishes to take the material weight from the body, to supplement the influences [circulating in the body], and to prolong the years of life these herbs should be used.” T’ao Hung-ching (452-536 A.D.)

    Rehmannia: Premier Herbal Tonifier Of China

    Rehmannia was first written about in the earliest classic of Chinese herbalism, Shen Nong Ben Cao (circa 1st century A.D.). It formed the basis for a series of formulas designed to support the kidneys, which Chinese herbalists considered the most important organ for energy production and referred to as the “root of life.” Unlike ginseng formulas, which were predominantly used in China by the elderly, rehmannia formulas were used by people chronically fatigued due to overwork, stress, and lack of rest.

    REHMANNIA ENDURANCE: For Type-A Personalities

    REHMANNIA ENDURANCE is a modified version of the famed Rehmannia Six, first recorded in 1141 A.D. in the Formulary for Pediatric Patterns and Medicine by Dr. Qian Yi. This formula is for people with high energy levels, who are prone to exhaustion due to excessive work and play, lack of sleep, and irregular mealtimes. These individuals require deep tonifiers that foster steady, nourishing energy—as opposed to the warm, stimulating, ginseng-like tonics. It is ideal for business people driven to perform and meet timelines, and for athletes and body builders seeking long-term, sustained energy.

    REHMANNIA REVITALIZER: For Type-B Personalities

    REHMANNIA REVITALIZER is based on Rehmannia Eight, which was developed by Zhang Zhong-Jing in his Prescriptions of the Golden Chest in 220 A.D. This formula was designed to invigorate the vital fire in people whose vitality has waned, who have a hard time getting up in the morning and tend to feel cold all the time. Added to the formula is the most famous of all Chinese tonifiers, Asian ginseng, the adaptogen, schisandra, and the Western tonifier, saw palmetto. REHMANNIA REVITALIZER is ideal for rekindling a youthful feeling of warmth and vitality.

    Characteristic REHMANNIA ENDURANCE REHMANNIA REVITALIZER Body Temperature Warm to hot Prone to coldness & chills Body Type Muscular, well toned Frail, lacking tone Complexion Flushed or ruddy Pale Diet Consumes animal protein Predominantly vegetarian Emotional State Outgoing, joyful, Introverted, prone to prone to anger melancholy Energy Level Very high, prone to burnout Very low, prone to sluggishness General Signs Overactive, strong Weak, deficient Movement Quick and animated Slow and methodical Personality Type Type-A Type-B Voice Loud, quick, boisterous Softspoken, slow, subdued

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