Does Acidophilus Help with Diarrhea?

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Date: October 18, 2011 05:09 PM
Subject: Does Acidophilus Help with Diarrhea?


It is one of those wonderful days, with the sun out and it just seemed like you are able to do anything. Not too hot not too cold and you are so into doing lots of things today. Then it hits, there is a rumble in your stomach, at the lower part of your abdomen to be more accurate, the sudden striking pain and the instant feeling of wanting to have a bowel movement. Or maybe it would be while you’re at work, right after lunch and you have a meeting in 5 minutes with some regional officers and they are very interested in seeing your work and how you reached the targets last month.

They are so amazed that they wanted to meet with you first instead of the branch head, your boss and then it strikes, all of a sudden it seemed like nothing else was more important in life than having a bowel movement as soon as possible and nothing will make it wait. Yep I am talking about diarrhea, unpleasant I know but it is a fact of life and that happens, so the best thing to do is to know more about it and to know how to avoid it.


This condition is described as having a loose and watery stool that occurs more frequently than other days. It is a fact and that is why you should not be ashamed of it because everyone and I do mean everyone experiences this, even the prettiest girl in your class or office, yes they do experience it. It often means for people a more frequent trip to the toilet and with a greater than usual volume of stool.

Commonly the signs of symptoms of diarrhea can last for just a couple of days or maybe even weeks but with this situation were in the signs and symptoms are longer than just a couple of days it is safe to say that it may be a sign of a more serious disorder such as inflammatory bowel disease or IBD or irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. The most important thing to remember when experiencing diarrhea is to make sure you are well hydrated because excessive water and salt will be lost from your body and most of the time the signs and symptoms of diarrhea will go away but it is important to check with your doctor if they persist.

Acidophilus and Diarrhea

Acidophilus is a good bacteria, in other words a probiotic. These are bacteria that are used beneficially for the body and its health. This probiotic is popular for the health benefits it can give and it has been known to be great for the digestive function of the body. However the question is if it will help with diarrhea, the simple answer is yes it can. It really depends on the main cause of the diarrhea however no matter what the cause Acidophilus will still be able to help most of the time because its main function it to help balance back the good and bad bacteria in the body in which an imbalance of these bacteria are in one way or the other a part of the cause of diarrhea.

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