Can Vitamin D Help Promote Muscle Regeneration?

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Date: October 26, 2011 07:36 AM
Subject: Can Vitamin D Help Promote Muscle Regeneration?

Vitamin D And Your Health

Sprain is a common problem that is usually encountered by many individuals these days. The recovery period from pain varies from one person to another and would greatly depend on a number of circumstances. Among the most vital factors that greatly influence the recovery time are the regimens employed to correct the root of the problem. Treatment modalities are beneficial in reducing the extent of the pain and could enhance muscle regeneration.

Physical therapy is the treatment of choice for muscle injuries. Most of the time, physical therapy would involve weight training exercises to strengthen and promote the build-up of muscles in different areas of the body that commonly develops strains. Physical therapy could also help in preventing muscle injuries because it makes your muscles less receptive to develop muscle sprains in the future. Physical therapy is truly needed in addressing muscle injuries but there are also other modalities that you could engage in to correct whatever problems you have and one of the most effectual method that could facilitate the recovery and regeneration of muscle tissues is through adequate intake of essential vitamins and minerals most especially vitamin D.

Vitamin D A Fat Soluble Vitamin

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin in nature that is capable of serving arrays of health functions. One of the vitamin’s most vital functions is to promote healthy muscle maintenance. Because it has a wide scope in terms of its effects, it plays a crucial role in keeping the organs and tissues of the body healthy. Obtaining ample amount of vitamin D that you need every day is actually not that hard to attain. All you have to do is to eat foods (cereal, fatty fish, and fortified milk) that have liberal amount of vitamin D and to expose yourself to sunlight (exposing your body to sunlight two to three times per week for five to ten minutes per day).

Many health experts highly advice and recommend the intake of nutritional supplements aside from the usual diet modification to help treat sprained knees and injured muscles. As what have been previously mentioned, vitamin D really contributes a lot in the regeneration of injured tissues as well as in promoting bone density growth. Protein rich foods and protein supplements are also vital in helping the person gain better muscle mass that surrounds the leg thus, making your knee less susceptible from injury and sprains. Improving muscle mass is also a great way to relevantly decrease your risk of experiencing another sprain and knee injury.

Our body really needs agents that could help facilitate muscle recovery and regeneration. And one vitamin that is effectual in facilitating tissue repair is vitamin D therefore; we should always put in mind to utilize the potentials of the vitamin once we encounter problems that involves our muscles. With the right knowledge about vitamin D’s effect to our tissues, for sure we could address our problems with strained muscles efficiently.

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