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Date: June 06, 2005 06:13 PM
Subject: Ginseng Revitalizer - THE ULTIMATE IN HERBAL ENERGIZERS

  • Why Planetary Formulas GINSENG REVITALIZER Works
  • Formulation is the Key
  • Tonification
  • Synergy
  • Enrichment
  • The Catalyzing Factor
  • Ginseng Revitalizer: Superior to Ginseng Alone
  • The Downside of Typical “Energizers”

  • • Quick Lift
  • • Long Term
  • • Rebuilds Depleted Vitality
  • • Creates a Centering, Peaceful, Natural Vigor
  • • Contains NO Caffeine, NO Ma Huang, and NO Guarana
  • • NO “Crash” Syndrome

    Why Planetary Formulas GINSENG REVITALIZER Works

    There are three main reasons why you may experience energy loss and a feeling of being depleted:
    1. True lack of energy from exhaustion that occurs as a normal part of the aging process, or that happens prematurely because of “burning the candle at both ends” — overwork, over-play, and insufficient rest.
    2. Nutrient deficiency as a result of skipping meals, not eating enough of the right foods, or poor digestion and assimilation.
    3. Poor circulation of vital energy. This means that the energy you do have is not moving, or not being catalyzed. This is similar to having defective spark plugs in an engine: the fuel is there, but it is not being ignited. For an “energizer” to be truly dynamic, these three factors must be taken into consideration. GINSENG REVITALIZER does this!

    Formulation is the Key

    The secret to optimal benefit is to utilize the appropriate herbs, and combine them in a way that maximizes the energetic potential of each ingredient. GINSENG REVITALIZER™ succeeds as no other formula does, so you can realize your full energy potential.


    Ginseng is the king of energy tonics. Its reputation is not overstated when it is used with proper catalyzing herbs. Cultivated ginseng takes a minimum of four years before it is ready to be harvested. During this time, it is soaking up vitamins and minerals (including trace elements) from the soil, and thus being transformed into a highly potent food.


    GINSENG REVITALIZER combines Asian and American ginsengs with the powerful adaptogen Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus), in both their whole and extracted forms. Codonopsis is another highly valued Chinese tonic herb included in GINSENG REVITALIZER which augments and expands the effects of Panax ginseng, offering increased vitality and lasting endurance.


    Food is our major source of energy. When caloric output is greater than caloric intake, we become weakened or tired. We also experience fatigue if we are unable to digest and assimilate nutrients efficiently. GINSENG REVITALIZER includes a rich blend of tonifiers, while at the same time enhancing assimilative processes. Dong quai and ho shou wu are two of the most widely used tonifiers from China. Astragalus and atractylodes enhance digestion and assimilation, maximizing the amount of nutrition we can derive from our food. They are also classified as primary tonics in traditional Chinese herbalism.

    The Catalyzing Factor

    In order for energy to be experienced, it must move and circulate smoothly. Otherwise, it will cause nervousness and anxiety. This often happens when people take ginseng by itself, without the catalyzing qualities of other herbs. In GINSENG REVITALIZER, the sweetness of licorice root permeates the whole mixture so that the qualities of all the herbs are melded together. Tienchi ginseng and poria cocos ensure that fluids are moving efficiently throughout the system, while the spicy, pungent quality of ginger root energetically circulates the formula to every part of the body. This is the optimal way to formulate “energizer” products.

    Ginseng Revitalizer: Superior to Ginseng Alone

    The popular use of ginseng in America began because of its great reputation in Asia. However, ginseng is very seldom used by itself in Chinese health practices. It is like “putting a log on a fire without opening the vents”: the energy would build, but it would not burn smoothly or circulate. Using ginseng alone could create an uneven distribution of heat within the body, which could be potentially damaging.

    The Downside of Typical “Energizers”

    Herbal stimulants, such as coffee, guarana, and ma huang, are often used in hopes of realizing increased energy levels. Unfortunately, using these substances simply stimulates the adrenal response, often with negative effects, such as nervousness, increased stress and eventual exhaustion. Stimulants mobilize energy, but add nothing of value to your body; on the contrary, they can quite rapidly lead to further depletion of your vitality.


    A Product That Stands Alone Planetary Formulas GINSENG REVITALIZER is in a league of its own as a natural aid to help you meet life’s challenges. It combines the most respected tonifying herbs with the principles of balance and flow perfected by Chinese herbalism. While it cannot replace healthy habits, it does address all the energetic aspects that support a true experience of vitality and well-being.

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