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Date: July 26, 2005 02:40 PM
Subject: Full Spectrum Kudzu & Kudzu Recovery - Effective Anti-Alcohol Support

Full Spectrum Kudzu & Kudzu Recovery - Effective Anti-Alcohol Support

While kudzu may have made a splash in the news lately, recent studies of the plant’s effectiveness only demonstrate what planetary Formulas and Chinese herbalism have long known. In fact, kudzu has been a big part of Planetary Formulas for 15 years as the main ingredient in kudzu recovery and neck and shoulder support.

Though it’s been used in china to safely and effectively treat the abuse of alcohol for more than a millennium it is only within the last decade that its actions in this respect have been critically examined. The latest research on kudzu suggests that activity of its constituents regulate alcohol intake and the side effects of alcohol in the body.

In fact, new clinical research as Harvard University has validated the traditional Chinese use of kudzu. Reported in alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research*, the official journal of the Research Society of Alcoholism, the study showed the effects of kudzu extract capsules given to a group of volunteers. Fourteen “Heavy” alcohol drinkers, both male and female, were given the opportunity to drink their preferred brand of beer over a 7-day period. The results: subjects who took kudzu drank an average of 1.8 beers per session, compared with 3.5 beers for those who took a placebo.

Planetary Formulas Full Spectrum Kudzu provides the roots, flowers, and a high potency standardized extract to deliver a full spectrum of kudzu’s constituents and benefits. Each dose of two tablets contains a root extract concentrated to at least 40% of kudzu’s powerful, effective isoflavones blended with pure root and flower.

For additional anti-alcohol support, Planetary also offers Kudzu Recovery, a well-rounded formula offering the benefits of kudzu plus key botanicals to support liver cleansing, balanced blood sugar levels and enhanced energy.

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