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old message Toxin Defense From the Inside Out Darrell Miller 08/30/05

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Date: August 30, 2005 05:17 PM
Subject: Toxin Defense From the Inside Out

Home air and water filtration is a big part of your personal toxin avoidance plan. But there’s no way you can avoid the bad stuff entirely, not unless you hunker down in the house for the rest of your life.

That’s where good nutrition comes into play. “starting a long-term daily supplement program is vital for relieving your body of its existing burden of chemicals and protecting you from future chemical exposure,” says Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton, who has written extensively on the hazards posed by chemical toxins. In addition to eating organically as much as possible, she recommends taking a top-notch multivitamin/mineral, essential fatty acids (particularly those anti-inflammatory omega-3s), fiber, magnesium, MSM probiotics and vitamin C to keep your toxin-fighting defenses up to snuff.

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