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Date: February 09, 2006 06:24 PM
Subject: The latest new about Curcumin

The latest new about Curcumin:

Recent studies point to an ability of Curcumin to support the function of collagen and cartilage cells. A 2005 paper shows that Curcumin, when given to human cartilage cells or chondrocytes, exerted a protective effect on cell function and inhibit degradation of these cells in vitro. Another in vitro experiment, showed it had positive effects at enhancing the health of synovial cells.

Curcumin has also been shown to maintain cholesterol and lipid levels that are already normal. In one study, Curcumin given to animals consuming a high-fat diet attenuated the normal rise in lipid levels. The decrease in total cholesterol in these animals was 21% when compared to controls. In vitro studies also suggest Curcumin possesses a vaso-relaxant effect on endothelial tissue.

Studies published in the last two years suggest a highly beneficial role in Curcumin in supporting neutral cells in response to oxidative damage. Curcumin apparently mediates this antioxidative protection through regulation of important immune factors and proteins to promote an optimal balance necessary for the enhanced function of important brain tissue.

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