Thompson nutritional Manufacture Listing.


The Thompson® brand started in 1932 as a complete supplement line focused mainly on vitamins and minerals. In 2000, Nutraceutical Corporation acquired Thompson and made changes to ensure that you get a high-quality product line with Everyday Value Pricing and a larger product offering.

Pumpkin Seed Oil The product line now includes more than 250 products in not only the Vitamin and Mineral categories, but also the Herb and Specialty categories. In addition, count sizes have been updated to provide a full 30-day supply of product at a value price. Thompson's packaging features highly visible product names on bright, grape-colored labels. The Thompson® logo is prominently displayed in a band of yellow, gold or green, depending on the product category. Yellow is for Vitamins/Minerals, green is for Herbs, and gold is for Specialty.

Thompson® offers the quality nutritional products you are looking for at a value price you will be happy to pay.

Thompson nutritional Product List

1.   19970
B-6 100mg 100mg B-6 100mg 100mg   60ct 100mg

$ 2.67
43% OFF
2.   19142
B12 1000mcg B12 1000mcg   30ct 1000mcg

$ 2.29
44% OFF
3.   19830
B12 500mcg B12 500mcg   90ct 500mcg

$ 3.53
43% OFF
4.   19162
Bee Pollen 580mg Bee Pollen 580mg   100ct 580mg

$ 4.31
44% OFF
5.   40253
Beet Root Beet Root   30 Vcaps

$ 5.66
45% OFF
6.   19444
Beta 1.3  1.6 Glucan Beta 1.3 1.6 Glucan   90ct

$ 5.12
43% OFF
Thompson nutritional List

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