KAL: Lithium Orotate Dropins 4mg 2 fl oz

Lithium Orotate Dropins 4mg - 2 fl oz

by   KAL
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Elevate Your Cognitive Functioning with Kal Lithium Orotate Dropins

Unlock the secrets to optimum brain health with our Kal Lithium Orotate Dropins. Designed to enhance your brain's performance, these dropins are crafted with a meticulous attention to quality and efficacy. Lithium Orotate has been the subject of numerous scientific studies and has a rich history, traced back to the 19th century when it was first discovered. Over the years, it has gained popularity for its profound impact on brain health and overall well-being.

Lithium Orotate functions by modulating the homeostasis of your brain. It's a bio-available form of lithium that crosses the blood-brain barrier more efficiently compared to other counterparts. Once in the brain, it influences several neurotransmitters, including dopamine and serotonin, thereby enhancing mood, focus, and memory.

Our customers are health-conscious individuals, searching for a supplement that will support their brain's health and functioning. They are people who value mental clarity and cognitive sharpness, and understand the importance of maintaining their brain health. Our Kal Lithium Orotate Dropins are designed just for them, providing the essential nutrients their brains need to function optimally.

  • Optimized Brain Functioning: Kal Lithium Orotate Dropins enhance neurotransmitter activity, promoting improved focus, memory, and mood.
  • Bio-Available Form of Lithium: Ensures efficient absorption and transport to the brain.
  • Easy to Use Dropins: Convenient and easy to incorporate into any daily routine.

In addition, our Lithium Orotate Dropins offer several other benefits such as improved stress response, enhanced sleep quality, and increased resilience to neurodegenerative diseases.

  • Incorporate the dropins into your morning routine for a day filled with mental clarity.
  • Pair them with a healthy diet and regular exercise to maximize their benefits.

Invest in your brain health today with Kal Lithium Orotate Dropins. It's more than just a supplement - it's a commitment to your cognitive longevity and mental wellbeing. Remember, a healthy brain is the foundation of a successful life. Don't delay your journey towards superior brain health anymore. Take action now and add our Kal Lithium Orotate Dropins to your cart!

WARNING: Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing. Keep out of reach of children. Keep your licensed health care practitioner informed when using this product.DIRECTIONS: Take 1 ml daily. Simply "DropIn" to your mouth. Use only as directed. Store in cool, dry, dark place. Refrigerate after opening. Stated levels valid only while product is unopened and properly stored.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 ml (Approx. 1 dropperful)
Servings Per Container About 59
Amount Per
% Daily

Lithium (from Lithium Orotate)4 mg *

* Daily Value not established.
Other Ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerin, Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate.

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