Doctors Best: Cranberry w/Cranberex 240mg 60VC

Cranberry w/Cranberex 240mg - 60VC

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Helps support urinary tract health*

3x PACs per capsule*

200:1 whole fruit extract*

Non-GMO / Gluten Free / Soy Free / Vegan

What is Doctor's Best Cranberry with Cranberex™?

Doctor’s Best Cranberry with Cranberex™ is an ultra-concentrated, whole fruit extract (200:1) of Oregon Cranberries to support urinary tract health. This formula is standardized to contain 15 percent Proanthocyanidins (PACs). PACs derived from cranberry are responsible for their microbial anti-adhesive benefits.*


Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) is a native evergreen shrub that grows throughout North America. For centuries, cranberry has been used as both food and medicine. In particular, the ripe fruits were primarily used as a traditional medicine for bladder and kidney ailments among Native Americans. An increasing amount of research suggests that cranberry is a unique fruit in that it may provide two different pathways for health: through microbial anti-adhesion activity and other health benefits related to antioxidant activities.1

In the past decades, many studies have focused their studies on the capacity of the cranberry fruits to support urinary tract health and cardiovascular health.*2-5

The health promoting activities of cranberry fruits associated with urinary tract and cardiovascular systems are thought to be linked to their very rich content of various bioactive polyphenols with high antioxidative potency.6-8

Regarding urinary tract infections (UTIs), mechanisms by which cranberries are beneficial in UTIs may involve the effects of the A-type proanthocyanidins (PACs) in preventing the bacterial adhesion in urinary tract system.*9,10

Cranberry with Cranberex™ is an ultra-concentrated, whole fruit extract (200:1) of cranberries from Oregon showcasing high potency standardized active of 15% proanthocyanidins to support urinary tract health and promote cardiovascular health.*

Tested by the BL-DMAC method, the only method endorsed by a number of international labs and authorities to quantify the amount of A-Type PAC’s in cranberries, Cranberry with Cranberex™ is one of the most concentrated cranberry extracts available in the North America and Europe. This potency and standardization connect directly with the dosages established in the key clinical trial that established the link between A-Type PAC’s and anti-adhesion activity.11-13

Tests that compared PAC levels in Cranberex™ with five leading finished product brands, showed a far greater potency in Cranberex™.

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