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Korean White Ginseng - 100 caps

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Other Details of Korean White Ginseng Chinese White Ginseng is
a cheaper and less potent variety. You have to have chewed the
authentic ginseng roots from South Korea to be able to discern
the difference. Imperial Elixir avoids this trap by purchasing
only whole roots and doing the processing themselves. Their
twenty-five years of ginseng expertise allows them to select the
best quality roots available. When the whole root comes in, they
taste every batch to ensure the very best product. They do not
trust anyone's powder. The uses of Korean White Ginseng are
similar to the Chinese Red Ginseng except that it is not quite
as "yang" in nature. This is because it has not been cured and
thereby the roots are less dense. Ingredients/Supplement Fact
of Korean White Ginseng 500 mg of pure Korean White Ginseng.
It has been tested by the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and
Science for a certified minimum potency of 6.5% ginsenosides.
Suggested Use/Direction of Korean White Ginseng Consult your
doctor before using this product. Warning for Korean White
Ginseng Keep away from the reach of children.

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