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Royal Ginseng for Women. Dong Quai, American Ginseng, plus the
added benefits of Royal Jelly - with its rich amino
acid/B-vitamin composition - and Vitex, for extra dietary
support for a woman's mid-life. Our Imperial Elixir Royal
Ginseng for Women is a superb dietary supplement for women in
the mid-life years. First, we utilize Dong Quai, the most
prescribed herb in China. It plays a nutritional role in
maintaining natural hormonal balance especially during
menopause. Only the finest, sulfite free, whole roots grown in
China are used in a "seldom seen" 10:1 concentration. We add
American Ginseng roots - known for their cooling energy - chosen
for their high ginsenoside count. Freeze-dried Royal Jelly
powder in a 3.3 to 1 concentration is also included. Pure
imported Royal Jelly contains key B vitamins that stimulate the
adrenal glands. It nutritionally combats stress and fatigue
while protecting against infection. Lastly, Chaste Tree berries
are added for mood harmonization. Royal Ginseng for Women is
maximum efficacy nutritional support that tonifies and
nourishes. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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