ROYAL TROPICS: Green Papaya Digestive Enzymes 75 caps

Green Papaya Digestive Enzymes - 75 caps

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Green Papaya Digestive from Royal Tropics Green Papaya has been
revered traditionally as a healing agent. Green Papaya has a
rich combination of two very important enzymes that break down
proteins: Papain and Chymonpapain. Royal Tropics Green Papaya
is harvested at the crucial moment before fully ripening, and
this assures a superior product. Ingredients: Analisys
(per 800 mg.) Protein: 63 mg. Fat: 17 mg. Carboydrates:
555 mg. Calories: 3 Iron: 54.4 mcg. Calcium: 2,480 mcg.
Sodium: 701 mcg. Potassium: 15,600 mcg. Vitamin A: 15.9 IU.
Vitamin C: 21.6 mcg. Niacin: 20.1 mcg. Thiamin: 0.52 mcg.
Riboflavin: 6.39 mcg * Milk Clotting Unit (approx. 560 MCU per
teaspoon) % of U.S. RDA is less than 2% of the following
nutrients: Protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Niacin, Thiamine,
Riboflavin, Calcium, Iron.

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