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Chaga Full Spectrum - 30 tabs

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Chaga Full Spectrum 30 Tablets

Chaga Full Spectrum is a supplement which comes from the mushroom called Chaga. Chaga is a parasitic mushroom relying on the nutrients on the bark of the trees. This is the reason why Chaga is considered as a tree mushroom because it grows on the barks of the tree. The most common tree which Chaga dwells upon is the Birch tree. It appears like a “moistened dirt” or “burnt charcoal” on the bark because of its high melanin content. Because of its significant benefits to human health, Chaga mushroom is processed and formulated into supplements in the form of tablets or liquid.

The ingredients of Chaga Full Spectrum supplement are organic Chaga mycelium, organic Chaga fruiting body and wild - crafted Chaga fruiting body. This supplement also contains ample amount of calcium. Calcium is a mineral which is important for bone growth and development as well as the maintenance of its strength and overall health. Deficiencies in calcium can lead to easy bone breakage and even bone diseases. Calcium is also required in the contraction and relaxation actions of the muscle, most especially that of the heart muscles.

Another health benefit of Chaga Full Spectrum is its immune boosting property. Human studies reveal that the active ingredients in Chaga can greatly stimulate immunity and also balance the rate of metabolism in the body. Chaga also contains certain substances that showed to have the capacity to support an immune cell’s activity called Natural Killer Cells. This cell is the one responsible for destroying harmful microorganisms that have invaded the body.

Chaga also contains betaGlucan. This is chemical substance is a complex carbohydrate which is considered as a potent immune activator. Beta – glucan molecules for stimulate and modulate immune defenses by setting up tiny but many cellular resistances against harmful microorganisms and body toxins.

Like many other herbal supplements, Chaga Full Spectrum also contains antioxidants. This supplement is among the many herbal supplements which have abundant and potent antioxidant content. The antioxidant in Chaga Full Spectrum is also organic therefore it is very safe for the body. Biologically, antioxidants play a significant role inside the body. These are the chemicals tasked to bind to and neutralize harmful chemicals inside the body most especially free radicals. This neutralization phase is important so that free radicals will be eliminated from the body. Free radicals can damage healthy cells and even alter the development of new cells because it disturbs the normal cellular division of the body, specifically during the phase of DNA replication. This is threatening because this can lead to an abnormal growth of the cell resulting to the development of tumors and malignancies. Because of its antioxidant property, it can also help the body age slowly. It protects the skin, hair and cells from being damaged easily and leaves you a healthy, young looking skin.

Chaga Full Spectrum is safe. However, health experts would still highly recommend that before supplementation is started, health check – up and consultation may be necessary. This would greatly protect you from preventable side effects and drug – to – drug interactions.

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