ShiKai: Borage Dry Skin Therapy Pediatric Lotion 8 oz

Borage Dry Skin Therapy Pediatric Lotion - 8 oz

by   ShiKai
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Borage Dry Skin Therapy Body Lotion Pediatric Formula 8 fl oz:
K Pediátrico formula - for the children and the dry skin of
borraja young of the Therapy® adults it is a new concept in the
care of the skin that is based on the oil of borraja, the richer
natural source of GLA. This lotion provides GLA to the cells
directly and, when it is used regularly, it can in the long term
provide the immediate relevación and the improvement. The
pediátrico formula for the children is available in excessive an
all lotion of the body for the general use and a formula
concentrated for the problematic areas. For the Dry skin That
Just will not leave. It provides therapy of long term of borraja
of ShiKai of the relevación that the pediátrico formula can
provide the long term relevación for the adolescences of the
children and the young adults who suffer of chronic dry skin.The
active ingredient, oil of borraja, is a rich natural source of
the gamma-gamma-Linolenic acid, that can improve the capacity of
the cells of the skin to conserve the humidity. Desemejante of
the ordinary hidratantes creams that only work in the surface of
the skin, the oil of borraja provides deeper a lasting effect,
largo.En more studies(1) clinical, effective has been proven in
dealing with atópico dermatitis and other disorders the skin.
The rojez, the symptoms cracking themselves, itching and other
common of the chronic dry skin all can be helped by the daily
use of the therapy of borraja of ShiKai. This lotion has been
formulated specially for the young children, adolescences and
adults. If you are on 25 we suggested you you use the formula of
the adult. It contains the additional ingredients that work to
help older, more mature cells of the skin uses better the oil of
borraja.(1) British newspaper of the dermatology: 129:95, 1993
daughter has had eczema since she was 6 months as an older
person. There are been several doctors and they tried many
diverse treatments. Borraja [ lotion ] is the only thing that
has worked. I finish wishing to say I am thankful to him by this
product -- the difference is like ' at night and of the day.
L.W.Nápoles, FL ' ' I finish recently trying its lotion of
borraja in my infant who has socket of eczema and of bracket.
Nothing has helped until this moment. They surprise to me with
the results and I have been saying each one that I know... So I
am excited with the results of this product... ' ' N.R. Bad
Vern, PA ' ' that I have used [ lotion of borraja ] in my
grandson and has helped its dry skin. We had tried everything
and nothing looked like to help. to ' E.F. Abilene, TX

'This is just what I needed for my skin to tackle the harsh midwest winter air. I generally have combination skin. As my skin has matured an especially since the birth of my children, there has been a dramatic increase of itchy, dry skin and more of a tendency to rash. Since I recently began using Borage Dry Skin Therapy, there has been an unbelieveable improvement. It soothes and relieves the dryness immediately I use the lotion all over, right after showering. That works best because it holds the moisture in my skin. Now, my healthy-looking skin rivals that of my young children. I've been using the product now for nine weeks and find that I don't have to keep reapplying it. My skin stays moist and soft all day. I highly recommend this product even you aren't experiencing issues with your skin. I it will help to give you that extra layer of protection before any potential damage can strike.
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