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POP® Green Tea Green Tea has been known for thousands of years
to offer a large number of health benefits. It is one of the
most consumed beverages in the world, and has been the herbal
supplement with a history of use dating back 4,000 years. Our
young tender Premium Green Tea is freshly harvested from a tea
plantation in China. The leaves are then gently washed, steamed,
rolled and dried to retain their delicate flavor and aroma.
The active ingredient in Green Tea is polyphenol catechins,
which has proven anti-oxidant properties. Antioxidants combat
free radicals which can cause cell damage. By taming free
radicals, antioxidants help the body maintain it's natural good
health and enhance it's immune functions. Recent scientific
scrutiny of Green Tea's benefits has been particularly evident
in researching how it lowers risks for cardiovascular disease
and cancer

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