ABRA THERAPEUTICS: Divine Inspiration Aroma Therapeutic Bubble Bath 14 oz

Divine Inspiration Aroma Therapeutic Bubble Bath - 14 oz

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The "Divine Inspiration" variety is presented in a resealable,
14 oz. (397g) round plastic jar flagged, "Release your
creativity." Label copy reads, "Invite your personal muse to
inspire your creativity with uplifting essential oils of neroli,
sandalwood, mandarin orange, ylang ylang and rose." Other
varieties include Vital Energy with verbena & lime, "Sensual
Surrender" with jasmine & ginger, "Blissful Harmony" with
patchouly & frankincense, "Mental Clarity" with rosemary &
lemongrass, and "Deep Relaxation" with lavender & melissa.
Label copy for each variety reads, "Organic herbals & pure
essential oils - Natural skin softening minerals - No lauryl
sulfates or preservatives - No uncomfortable rock salt - No
animal testing - No animal ingredients."

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