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The Mission

Over the last thirty Years it has been my personal interest to bring the art of organic herbalism and the science of skin and body care into a holistic unity. The formulations and the techniques of the ABRA products focus these two art forms into the highest level of herbal cellular therapy. Our mission is to provide you with the most "naturally" potent ingredients for the "natural" health of your "natural" face and body. You are Nature What We Stand For

Anyone can say they're natural. But great skin care requires more than a drop of herbs in the formula just to make a claim on the label. Fooling the customer is not our way. ABRA SkinCare contains therapeutic levels of certified organic herbals and pure unadulterated essential oils that are in the products for a therapeutic reason, not just for show.

Creating natural skincare is more than blending the most popular herbs and vitamins. It is a dedication to growing, harvesting and understanding the healing properties of plants. It is knowing that a plant is only as good as the soil in which it is grown. It is a commitment to use only the highest quality herbals, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils. It is our Personal Pledge of Purity.

ABRA SkinCare is formulated by a professional herbalist. Just like high quality herbal supplements, we combine standardized and whole herb extracts to deliver the entire range of nutrients to the skin. Unlike most other skin care companies we start with certified organic whole herbs, produce our own extracts, and create fabulous products round them. Our herbals are the active ingredients and not just buzz words for the label.

Knowledge comes from experience. In a world with so much emphasis on glitz and marketing, it's often difficult to determine herbal fact from herbal fiction. As herbalists and skincare formulators we want to share our 30 plus years of experience so that people could learn about skin nutrition and the natural healing power of plants.

Using organic herbs is only part of our ecological commitment. As part of our "It's Our Nature" program, all our ingredients are obtained from ethically harvested and renewable resources only. The Earth is our home. There is only one. It is our responsibility.

As many as one in eight species of plants is at risk for extinction. ABRA's "It's Our Nature" Program" actively contributes and supports non-profit organizations dedicated to preserving and cultivating endangered medicinal plants.

We formulate products to enhance physical beauty by nurturing healthy cells. We see true beauty as health, vitality, attitude and personal style, and encourage people to recognize their beauty in laughter, kindness and the joys of friendship. Looking good helps achieve those goals.

Abra therapeutics Product List
1.   TH0028
Cellular Detox Bath Cellular Detox Bath   16 oz

$ 9.09
35% OFF
2.   TH0023
Cellular Detox Body Scrub Cellular Detox Body Scrub   18 oz

$ 8.44
35% OFF
3.   TH0050
Cellular Detox Lotion Cellular Detox Lotion   16 oz

$ 10.39
35% OFF
4.   TH0051
Cellular Detox Lotion Cellular Detox Lotion   8 oz

$ 6.49
35% OFF
5.   TH0015
Cellular Gold Phytoserum Cellular Gold Phytoserum   1 oz

$ 14.63
35% OFF
6.   TH0097
Cellular Lift SeaSerum PhytoSerum Treatment Cellular Lift SeaSerum PhytoSerum Treatment   1 ounce

$ 16.51
34% OFF
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