Consumerlab Releases Turmeric Findings

old message Consumerlab Releases Turmeric Findings Darrell Miller 03/25/08
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Date: March 25, 2008 02:11 PM
Subject: Consumerlab Releases Turmeric Findings (CL), an independent, third-party health product testing organization, recently tested 14 Turmeric or Curcuminoid-containing supplements that are currently being sold in the United States.

These products were tested to determine whether they possessed the claimed and minimum expected amount of Curcuminoid compounds, could disintegrate properly in order to release their contents for absorption, and were free of unacceptable levels of lead and cadmium. The test results showed that lead contamination was a significant problem in several formulas, while others did not actually contain the amount of curcuminoids and/or turmeric as stated on the label.

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Date: March 25, 2008 02:27 PM
Subject: NOW Foods Turmeric Scored

NOW® Foods High Potency Curcumin 665 mg (total curcuminoids, from turmeric root extract) successfully passed all three quality categories, earning an official approval. Each serving contained 665 mg of curcuminoids as stated on the nutrition fact panel, and disintegrated within the amount of time set by With regard to product purity and safety, NOW® Curcumin formula was found to be free of both lead and cadmium.

And while NOW scored high all-around high marks, some of the other brands tested did not fare quite as well. Lead was found in two of the formulas tested, and two others did not contain the potencies that were claimed on their labels. One contained just 49% of the amount claimed, while another contained only 11.5% of the 500 mg they were claiming.

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