Can a Multiple Vitamin Boost the Immune System?

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Date: June 01, 2011 04:42 PM
Subject: Can a Multiple Vitamin Boost the Immune System?

Multiple vitamins have become the most common form of nutritional supplements in this modern day and age, and for good reason. They are formulated to meet the daily values recommended for each vitamin. Identifying which organic compounds are essential has become the greatest breakthrough in human nutrition and medical science in recent history. The presence of healthy levels of vitamins in the human body has proven to greatly increase immune function and resistance to many diseases.

In the old days, malnutrition was the single most widespread causes of otherwise easily preventable diseases. Thanks to naturalists throughout the centuries, the significance of human nutrition is now a part of mainstream awareness. The human body is a complex machine that is capable of defending its own parts, albeit not without the availability of sufficient quantities of nutrients. Simply put, we need to supply our body with the right amounts of vitamins, and failure to do so leads to impaired health.

Lifestyle Factors

Health is of course tied to lifestyle factors in addition to genetic factors that we do not have control of. It has become common knowledge that a strong body results from adequate exercise and healthy eating. There are numerous studies conducted every year that aim to demonstrate the importance of healthy foods, which contain the right amounts of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Multiple vitamin supplements are no doubt one way to obtain the recommended amounts of nutrients.

Immune Function

Vitamins are involved in many different chemical reactions that influence the immune system one way or another. Each vitamin plays unique roles inside the human body that are often interdependent with each other. It is not surprising that a deficiency in one vitamin compromises the physiological roles of another. Vitamins help keep tissues and organs in prime working condition and raise their natural defenses. At the same time, vitamins increase the capacity of immune cells to ward off diseases.


Foods rich in vitamins are readily available everywhere. We need to consume the right amounts of every food group to meet our vitamin needs. Researchers and medical professionals have been debating the value of multiple vitamin supplements for years even though innumerable studies have come to a conclusion that supplementation reverses deficiencies. The scientific community often warns that supplements are no substitutes for healthy nutrition, but does not discount the fact that they help.


Multiple vitamins in the market today employ the latest technology in the supplement industry. The issue of bioavailability has been the greatest challenge in achieving optimum benefit from supplementation, but this has recently been addressed with the introduction of new technologies. A number of multiple vitamins are commercially touted to have higher bioavailability as they utilize organic compounds that are more active inside the body than traditional precursors of vitamins.

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