Is Ginger Good For Herpes?

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Date: September 24, 2011 04:00 PM
Subject: Is Ginger Good For Herpes (Cold Sores) As Well As...


In the times where there are so many pollutants in the air most people when seeking for treatment would turn to the more natural path. It seems like not all conditions and ailments are well served to be forwarded to medical science and its drugs. People would often feel like the synthetic drugs that they are using are creating very strong side effects. In some cases it would make them feel worse afterwards because there body chemistry and normal bodily functions have been changed completely by the medication they took and when the medication is not available to the body anymore it will create further problems. Naturally, intelligence aids us in seeking alternative medicine for certain health issues and in this case we are specifically talking about herpes.


Herpes is a virus which spreads very easily from one person to the other through simple skin to skin contact. It can possibly appear in different areas of the body and is usually marked by a cluster of blisters together with some eruptions. There are many different strains of this virus and the ones that can affect humans are, just to name a few: Herpes simplex virus 1 and 2 which is usually responsible for cold sores and the most dreaded genital herpes, Varicella- zoster virus, Epstein- Barr virus. Some of the symptoms of this disease and is probably the most common are cold sores, genital herpes, fever and chicken pox to name some examples.

Red Marin Algae

Red marine algae or also known to be red seaweed has been harvested for thousands of years by the Japanese. Its red color comes from the pigment phycoerythrin. Most of the health benefits that Red Marine Algae possesses are due to its high content of vitamins and minerals. It is rich in fiber and about one cup of it can take care of about 16% of needed daily intake. It also contains calcium and magnesium which are also essential minerals in the body. It also is one of the best sources for vegetarians to get the usual nutrients they get from meat like iron and amino acid proteins. In accordance more to herpes and how it is able to help against it, studies have shown it to have potent anti-viral properties that herpes does not respond well to. In the market today many products are produced that claims it is able to counteract herpes symptoms and rightfully so because numerous researches has confirmed that certain species have aggressive antiviral properties.


Ginger has been a part of China’s medicinal history for thousands of years because of its ability to treat various illnesses like vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal bloating, and rheumatism. In the ayurvedic world it also has been used as a powerful anti-inflammatory for joint problems like rheumatism and arthritis. As herpes treatment, further studies needs to be done however early signs seems to be promising due to some inhibitory effects it has against some infected cells to prevent further flare ups however it is still not meant to take the place of any anti-bacterial medications for now.

No matter how you combat the herpes virus, taking herbal remedies can help reduce the out break and symptoms. Grab some and give it a try.

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