How to Eliminate Excess Estrogen in the Body?

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Date: October 04, 2011 02:41 PM
Subject: How to Eliminate Excess Estrogen in the Body?

Estrogen And Your Body

Estrogen is the dominant female hormone and also available in males in very minute amount. It is responsible for the development of the secondary sex characteristics of a female which includes growth of breast, widening of the hips, growth of pubic and axillary hair, and the onset of menstruation. Estrogen is naturally produced by the body because it is important in many biological processes for growth and development. However, if in excess amounts, estrogen may be harmful to the body. This hormone serves as a good food for abnormal cells and malignant growths. Therefore, excess estrogen in the body must be eliminated. There are several ways on how to excrete excess estrogen from the body. These include:

1. REGULAR EXERCISE. A daily physical exercise helps in the reduction of estrogen. Adequate mobility decreases the production of estrogen by improving blood circulation and stimulating the liver. The liver is the organ of the body which is responsible for the detoxification of toxins as well as excess substances inside the body. Start this daily activity with deep breathing and stretching exercises.

2. MINIMIZE STRESS. If you are on stress, the body produces more estrogen as a compensatory mechanism. Stress is a normal occurrence of everyone’s life. Your responsibility is to lessen its occurrence and have a healthy coping mechanism so that it won’t have a significant negative effect on your health. Day by day, learn to pause and relax. This can effectively decrease your stress level, thus reducing the production of estrogen.

3. LIVER - BOOSTING AGENTS. As mentioned above, the liver is the organ which will detoxify and cleanse the body from unnecessary chemicals inside the body. Therefore, it is but important that you should have a liver aid so that such organ will be able to eliminate excess estrogen efficiently. This would greatly help in the reduction of excess estrogen levels through elimination.

4. AVOID FOODS WITH ESTROGEN. Physiologically, estrogen is naturally produced by the body. However, it can also be obtained from the diet, especially soy and soy products and even in herbal supplements such as phytoestrogens. Choose fruits and vegetables that are not sprayed with pesticides containing Xenoestrogens. This chemical substance is a good source of estrogen for the body. If these food items cannot be avoided, wash them with water combined with a little amount of vinegar. Soak the fruits or vegetables for about 20 to 30 minutes and then cleanse them with clean water. Therefore, choose fruits and vegetables that are organically grown and pesticide – free. One of the most popular fruit which can greatly help estrogen elimination is grapefruit. It effectively eliminates excess estrogen by blocking the chemical compound called estradiol. This substance is responsible for the absorption of estrogen inside the body. Moreover, health experts also suggest that another way to help control excess estrogen is to avoid foods that can damage the liver.

5. ANTI - ESTROGEN MEDICATIONS. There are available anti–estrogen drugs in the market. But these are prescribed by doctors and cannot be bought over - the - counter. Health experts state that medications should be the last resort for eliminating excess estrogen.

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