Coral Calcium - An Acient Source of more than Calcium

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Date: November 16, 2005 12:08 PM
Subject: Coral Calcium - An Ancient Source of More than Calcium

Coral Calcium - An Ancient Source of More than Calcium

The oceans of the world are literally the collection basins for the life giving nutrients eroded away from the farmlands, valleys and forests worldwide. To illustrate the shear volume of mineral and nutrients that enrich the habitat for underwater sea life including living coral can be best summed up with the fact that over the last 200 years, the topsoil in the United States alone has gone from 21 inches to a mere 6 inches. As rain and wind scourers the earth, eventually the puddles, turn into creeks that yield streams emptying into tributaries culminating in the creation of the mighty rivers that dump topsoil and nourishment into the wonderfully balanced ecology of our sea.

Much of the fan fair about Coral Calcium originally arose from the fact that the Japanese that live on the island of Okinawa live unusually long and high quality lives. The reality is that indeed looking into the magic that supports such a disproportionately high percentage of centenarians in their society clearly shows that their dietary consumption is nutrient dense and healthful. In addition to consuming nutrient rich water from their coral surrounded island, they also focus on consuming fresh fruits and vegetables that provide them a bounty of trace minerals and antioxidants. Once again illustrating that blending trace minerals with such health supporting coral calcium can support a person that wishes to enjoy a bountiful health journey.

Also of note when water suspends large amounts of minerals as purported on the island of Okinawa, it is often termed to be hard water. There is a body of literature supporting the concept that people that consume hard water have lowered frequency of heart disease.

Thus as we look at the effects of alkaline water (hard water), the larger question must asked if overall acid-alkaline balance does indeed affect wellness. Overt acidic systems have been linked to various disease states including a well-known and classical case in point that of keto-acidosis that arises in poorly controlled diabetics. Likewise we all know that when lactic acid builds up in our body and muscles from working beyond our body’s ability to compensate leads to feelings of toxicity and lack of wellness.

Today’s diet is commonly suboptimal in numerous nutrients and minerals, that has lead one of the most conservative medical journals, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), in their June 2002 edition to publish an article recommending that medical doctors check to see if their patients are taking sufficient multivitamins. Every adult American is now recommended to take extra multivitamins and minerals, because our diets are not sufficiently nutrient dense in essential life sustaining elements.

The medical literature and scientific research regarding the effectiveness of minerals in the body clearly demonstrates that minerals work in synergy with one another. Thus, taking coral calcium with other critically needed minerals and trace minerals is strongly indicated from a clinical perspective. In addition, the use of high bioavailable ion trace minerals that readily disassociate in solution can help provide an added vehicle for overall absorption. Trace Minerals Research of Ogden Utah, offers this combination in their Trace Mineral Complex Concentrace. Combining the Coral Calcium with Concentrace improves the ph levels to provide on of the most effective Coral Calcium’s available.

As we look at ways to maintain health and prevent disease states that dramatically alter our quality of life, we should look to populations like those living on the island of Okinawa, Japan to pattern our eating habits, lifestyle and supplementation regime.

Health Tips for A Successful Health Journey:

Hydrate daily with 48 ounces of purified water

Consume sufficient minerals

Avoid Pesticide/Herbicide contaminated foods

Exercise 4-5 times a week

Stay De-Stressed to avoid Dis-Stress

Eliminate dietary trans fatty acids

Pursue a spiritual path to balance your life

Get 7-9 hours of sleep

Dr. Chris Meletis N. D.

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