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Allergy - 100 tabs

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Allergic reactions are a sign of the body's over reaction to a
given stimulus. When this occurs, histamine is released. BHI
ALLERGY helps regulate the flow of histamine, bringing relief in
cases of minor allergies and hay fever. A widely-used
effective homeopathic remedy for the temporary relief of
allergic symptoms such as: Sneezing & coughing. Runny nose.
Watery, irritated eyes. Skin rashes &
hives. Ingredients: Arnica montana radix 6X:
Inflammation; tissue traumas; neurodermatitis Ignatia amara 6X:
Constrictive sensation in larynx and trachea; cough; difficult
breathing; fluent coryza Lycopodium clavatum 6X: Throbbing
headache; cough; inflammation of the eyes; violent cararrh;
difficult breathing. Thuja occidentalis 6X: Skin inflammation;
warts; nasal catarrh; asthma; eczema. Lappa major 8X: Chronic
skin inflammation. Arsenicum album 8X: Eczema; itching; skin
inflammation. Formicum acidum 8X, Histaminum 8X, 12X, 30X, 200X:
Swelling; heat and redness; eczema; nasal congestion; itchy
rashes. Ledum palustre 8X: Constrictive oppression of the chest;
cough. Antimonium crudum 10X: Affections of the mucous
membranes; nasal and bronchial catarrh; eczema; skin eruptions
with itching. Graphites 10X: Skin disorders with eczematous
eruptions; scrofulous affections. Pix liquida 10X: Eczemas of
the hands; itching; eruptions. Tellurium metallicum 10X: Eczema;
scrofulous conditions; eruptions and pain. Selenium metallicum
12X: Nasal catarrh; cough with mucus and expectoration;
straining in the chest; skin inflammation; blisters; itching.
Sulphur 12X Skin conditions; eruptions; mucous membranes of the
bronchi; allergic reactions. Sulphuricum acidum 30X Flow of
water from nose, with obstruction of one nostril; loss of smell
and taste; eyes red; itching over whole body.

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