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Cough - 100 tabs

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BHI Cough Tablets Indications: For the temporary relief of
coughs due to colds and flu, smoke-induced cough, wet and dry
cough. Ingredients: Illicium anisatum 4X (pain in region of
third rib; cough with pus-like phlegm),39Ipecacuanha 4X
(rattling noises in air passages during respiration; shortness
of breath), Stachys betonica 4X (furthers expectoration;
catarrhs; abdominal pain), Hepatica triloba 5X (irritation of
throat with production of sputum), Lobelia inflata 5X
(spasmodic cough with vomiting), Arsenicum iodatum 6X (dry,
irritating cough), Belladonna 6X (short, dry cough from tickling
in larynx), Naphthalinum 6X (spasmodic cough with asthma and
soreness in chest), Natrum sulphuricum 6X (asthmatic cough,
worse in wet weather), Quebracho 6X (smoke induced cough;
increases oxygen in blood), Antimonium tartaricum6X (dry cough
with vomitus), Blatta orientalis 8X (cough with
bronchitis;asthma with much pus-like mucus; stout and corpulent
patients mainly affected), Bryonia alba 8X (hard, dry cough with
rawness and pain), 20 mg each/300 mg tablet. How supplied:
Bottle containing 100 tablets.

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