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Indications: For the temporary relief of lower back pain, leg
and hip pain and neuralgia. Ingredients: Colocynthis 5X
(tearing pain aggravated by anger and indignation; improved
through warmth and hard pressure), Gnaphalium polycephalum 5X
(pain and numbness of back, hips, and limbs), Ammonium
muriaticum 6X (pain worse sitting, better lying down), Gelsemium
sempervirens 6X (muscle stiffness), Rhus toxicodendron 8X
(tearing pain in tendons, ligaments and fasciae with stiffness;
soreness of condyles), Arsenicum album 10X (spasms, heaviness
and cramps in calves; peripheral neuritis and burning pain
during the night; rheumatic affections), Chamomilla 10X
(rheumatic pain which drives patient out of bed at night), 42.86
mg each/300 mg tablet. How supplied: Bottle containing 100

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