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Product Details: Manufacturer's Product Description: Almond Glow
Unscented Skin Lotion is useful as an after bath moisturizer to
soothe and soften skin or as massage oil. Manufacturer's Product
Research: Unscented Skin Lotion. Natural; all-purpose lotion.
Moisturizes and revitalizes the skin. Excellent for massage. The
rich; natural oils that make Almond Glow a delightful
moisturizing lotion for all-over skin care also make it an
excellent massage oil. Our exclusive formula includes the
following natural ingredients: Peanut Oil-an excellent emollient
and lubricant; Olive Oil-to nourish the skin; Lanolin Oil-to
moisturize and soften; Vitamin E-to maintain skin's vitality for
a healthy complexion all over. At Home Health; years of research
have gone into creating truly effective personal care products
based on traditional; natural ingredients. We are confident you
will find this skin lotion to be superior in quality and
effectiveness. You can rely on Home Health to deliver the
natural health and healing your family de

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