Loose Weight, Control Blood Sugar, Lower Lipid Levels, And Improve Strength With

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Date: June 02, 2011 12:38 PM
Subject: Loose Weight, Control Blood Sugar, Lower Lipid Levels, And Improve Strength With Chromium

What is the Difference between GTF Chromium and Chromium Picolinate?

GTF, short for Glucose Tolerance Factor, is an organic compound discovered in the 1950s. Its active constituent is chromium, and thus often marketed as GTF chromium as opposed to chromium picolinate, which is synthetic. There has been an ongoing debate whether chromium picolinate provides any benefit when taken as a supplement, but GTF chromium has long been proven safe and effective.

Chromium is often times considered an essential trace mineral, inasmuch as it plays a major role in glucose metabolism in human beings. That being said, many researchers believe that its benefits as a dietary element can only be obtained from the compound GTF. In the past few years, GTF chromium has been identified to be niacin-bound, which promotes cardiovascular health and increases energy.

Regulates Blood Sugar

GTF chromium is primarily marketed as a therapeutic treatment for insulin resistance, diabetes mellitus, and hypoglycemia. In fact, improvements in glucose metabolism were immediately observed when glucose tolerance factor was first discovered and its medicinal applications were introduced.

Insulin is the hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar, and as such glucose levels in the blood rise when insulin becomes less efficient. Decades-long studies have proven that GTF chromium improves insulin resistance. By so doing, it affects glucose metabolism and energy production.

Lowers Lipid Levels

Laboratory studies have found out that chromium bound to niacin is capable of modifying lipid levels in animals and humans. It has an impact on the absorption of triglycerides and fatty acids found in the diet. Also, it has shown to interfere with the synthesis of cholesterol and lipoproteins in the liver.

Bad cholesterol is so named because they predict the onset of atherosclerosis and related conditions. It refers to low-density-lipoproteins, which are manufactured in the liver to provide transports for cholesterol in the blood. GTF chromium inhibits the releases of bad cholesterol and free fatty acids.

Induces Weight Loss

Metabolic syndrome results from several factors related to the circulatory system. These factors include high cholesterol levels in the blood and the onset of diabetes mellitus. More often than not, it is tied to central obesity as adipose tissue builds up and forms subcutaneous fat around the waist.

There is good evidence that regular intake of GTF chromium induces weight loss and helps combat metabolic syndrome. It has shown to increase utilization of adipose tissue, burning subcutaneous fat in the process. Supplementation has produced fast results with increased physical exertion.

Boosts Physical Strength

Chromium is an important dietary element in sports nutrition. It has long been a popular nutritional supplement for endurance athletes and body builders. Proponents believe that it boosts physical strength, enhances athletic performance, and increases stress tolerance.

Body builders believe that chromium can help force sugar into the cells and improve muscle growth. Studies show that insulin can cause cells to uptake nutrients and sugar and improving muscle nutrient saturation but taking insulin, if you are not a diabetic, is not a wise choice, this is where chromium comes into play. Chromium can help improve insulin sensitivity and have the same but milder effect.

GTF chromium provides all the benefits of this element during strength training and intense exercise. Plus, it helps burn fats and promote healthy metabolism, making it easier to tone up. Since it has not been tied to the adverse effects of chromium picolinate, it is no doubt the ideal chromium supplement.

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