Does Lithium Help Brain Function?

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Date: September 02, 2011 11:41 AM
Subject: Does Lithium Help Brain Function?

Lithium Overview

Medical history suggests that there was a time when people thought schizophrenia or chronic depression were not real mental illnesses and in some sectors they even felt it was just all in the mind however these days we already understand that most mental disorders are caused by chemical disturbances in the brain. It is very understandable that there is still so much research to be done, our brain is very complex and is probably the most complex thing in the world so identifying substances and chemicals that affects its functions will be one of the hardest things that scientists try to figure out. With that said though, neuroscientists have not lost faith and are continuing its efforts towards understanding the mysteries of our brain. Bit by bit slowly but surely the research community has been trying to find new ways to combat mental disorders. One proof of this is the discovery of lithium as a potent treatment for bipolar disorder and since this disorder is also considered a manic depressive illness or simply manic depression which is basically a behavior in which the person without apparent reason moves from one extreme of mania to another. Lithium has been considered to also be possibly effective as treatment for other brain functions.

Lithium and how It Works

Lithium has had a long history about hundreds of years in fact of being a potent controller of moods. Even these days in the modern world many of the medications that are used for brain function treatments are lithium-based. There have been many researches to prove that lithium is effective however there also have been many speculations about how exactly lithium works. So far most researches have determined that lithium is able to play a vital role in improving brain functions because of its ability to inhibit inositol production plus other enzymes that is also responsible for a mood related health issues. Inositol is an example of a substance that is responsible for a variety of signaling and secondary messaging molecules which if there is overproduction can cause possible mood disorders as studies suggest.

Therefore, its inhibition will allow for a more balanced brain function. In addition, more studies have also shown that it has the ability to promote and protect brain functions from damage which is due to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. These functions and these properties of lithium are essential to overall brain health as studies conducted for bipolar disorders and its relation to lithium has shown its potency towards the maintenance of good brain function as bipolar disorders are not simply caused by chemical imbalances but rather a degeneration of brain matter due to neuronal death. So if lithium can be effective for bipolar disorders the logic is it may also help in improving brain functions by preventing brain matter damage or degeneration. With all this, the best thing about it is still unmentioned and that is its non-toxicity. In fact its effects are compared to taking too much table salt and it also is approved for use of children however that does not mean we can take it anytime it is still best to consult with a physician if you are unsure.

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