What Natural Herb Improves Nutrient Absorption?

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Date: September 18, 2011 12:54 AM
Subject: What Natural Herb Improves Nutrient Absorption?


Our body is a very complicated machine and it is only able to function at the highly efficient way it is suppose to if proper amounts of nutrients are being supplied to it in a consistent basis. So many health issues and poor bodily functions are attributed to different types of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. These nutrients are commonly linked to so many functions that when researchers study a disease it is so common to find low levels of a certain vitamin or mineral. So for us to comprehend this process better and as to why we need to take a look at what herbs will be able to help lets discuss a couple of things and the first one will be nutrient absorption.

Nutrient Absorption

Most of us would think that all we need to do to increase nutrient levels in the body is to increase food intake which are rich in these nutrients and that’s it. Well, it does not work as simple as that. In fact it is more complicated than that. What I am referring to is that some nutrients are not absorbed by the body because it may be sensitive to substances in the stomach, now getting into details of which nutrients and are blocked by which substances in the stomach will be too much for this article. But simply put, as an example, when too much fiber from these common nutrient rich foods riches a level that is too high for a certain individual it will cause a flushing effect of these nutrients before it can be absorbed by the stomach as fiber helps along processed foods to be turned into stool and excreted by the body. So many factors go into nutrient absorption however one substance in particular has shown that it plays an integral role in this process.

Bioperine and Nutrient Absorption

Bioperine is a fruit extract which is commonly derived from black pepper. Bioperine in recent years has shown so much promise in terms of what health benefits it can give us as studies have suggested. They also were able to find that bioperine helps in better nutrient absorption by the body. It has shown to increase the thermogenic functions of the body which in turn also help researchers conclude that it also can help with weight loss. They believe that it also has properties that can help longevity.

However the most conclusive facts they were able to find is how it is able to enhance digestive system functions with additional nutrients which in turn will even help further with better nutrient absorption. The key is how it is able to help improve thermogenesis as this is known to be vital for the body to be able to absorb nutrients as it is an integral part to the maintenance of gastrointestinal absorption. Furthermore, another added benefit of increasing bioperine in the body is the possible potency it has in preventing colon cancer as it able to help with the cleansing process of toxins.

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