Can An Elderly Take Creatine When Working out?

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Date: October 17, 2011 03:46 PM
Subject: Can An Elderly Take Creatine When Working out?

What is Creatine?

How can it benefit individuals especially the elderly ones?

These are some of the questions that we might pose when we don’t know yet if what a Creatine is.

In vertebrates, Creatine naturally occurs and it is an acid which is nitrogenous and organic. This acid is helping the muscle and nerve cells to receive an energy supply. Since this acid occurs in humans naturally, sellers claim that there are no side effects that were identified for those who are using creatine. But is it really free from danger? Studies on various groups of people old different age groups, and different genders, There are following results to be declared based on the study of people with different age groups and genders as well.

Individuals like sportsmen, athletes and bodybuilders, find this acid very essential since they engage to a high amount of physical activity. Physicians are recommending that one must follow the strict regimen of exercising in order to get the maximum use of supplements such as creatine.

Numerous research reports shows that an acute use of creatine can benefit children. But little is known regarding its side effects when used in this age group. The diet supplementation of children is strictly being opposed by the physicians and other health experts. They say that children, just by having physical activities every day, may have better bodily performances. It is suggested that one must focus on the intake of supplement if one becomes mature enough.

When one reaches fifty years old, there will be a reduction of the muscular protein retention which then leads to an increasing fatigue and on-going loss of strength. A report shows that there is a reduction in loss of strength and functional capabilities are increased among the elderly users of creatine. It seems that they do not gain weight same as younger creatine users do, and it is known to decrease creatine levels in the human body together with a decrease of Type II muscle fibers in the body and age. But a thorough research is still needed in this field.

Most men who use creatine are suffering from acne, anxiety, male breast formation (Gynecomastia), and a reduction in penis size and hair loss. Of Acne, increased aggressiveness, and hair loss are the common symptoms reported. Gastrointestinal complications would also result from the users of creatine supplements. In addition, scientific studies have shown that water retention by muscle can be related to the increasing of one’s body mass.

Numerous women nowadays resort to health supplements that would complete dietary deficiencies. It is also proven that women have a higher resting level of creatine and it is already natural than men. It has been discovered to be the reason why creatine is showing time to show clear effects in women. Pregnant or nursing mothers are not allowed to take creatine since conclusive studies have not yet found some effects of creatine on mother and child.

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